Rush Visa Application

Depending on cases, we are able to process your visa within a few hours. Here is how it works:
* Morning request: If you submit your application and payment by 8:00 AM (Vietnam time, GMT +7), we will send you the approval letter by 12.00 PM (4 hour processing)
* Noon request: if you submit your application and payment by 2:00 PM (Vietnam time, GMT +7), we will send you the letter by 4.30 PM same day (2.30 hour processing).
Can it be done on weekends?
Please be advised that no visa can be processed on weekends. Application for rush visa option made during the weekend will be processed by noon time of the following Monday.
How much does it cost?
For 4-8 hour or same day processing: 20 USD will be added to the normal processing fee for all visa types.
Can it be guaranteed?
In most cases, there is NO problem for getting an approval letter within 4 working hours. In case that your application is declined by the Immigration Department for same day processing, we will REFUND you the whole amount paid. We have helped thousands of travelers entering Vietnam in urgent cases successfully in the last 6 years, we are SURE that we can help you too.
How to get started?
Please use our online form and choose urgent option, our system will automatically put your order on top priority based on arrival time and date. If you need to confirm your order, please contact us by email at