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Asked by Steven Landvatter | Mar. 15, 2018 08:29 About: Visa on arrival


You pointed out in your email that I need to pay $25 USD at the airport upon arrival in Vietnam.  Does this have to be paid in cash?  If so, does it need to be paid in US Dollars or can it be Chinese RMB, as well since I live in China?

Thank you,

Steve Landvatter

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Answered by Hai | Apr. 14, 2018 09:17

Dear Steve Landvatter,
The stamping fee for a  single entry 1-month visa is 25 USD, in cash and no credit cards accepted. We are not sure if they accept other currencies, so we advise that you prepare some US dollars (Or VND) before you travel.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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