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Weekend Visas: Saturday and Sunday Processing

01-June-2019: Visa on weekend

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for booking your interest in our service.

We are glad to inform that we are able to obtain the approval letter on Saturday and Sunday. On our application form, please choose the option "Urgent on Weekend (8 Working Hour Processing on Saturday & Sunday)" as below:

When you will receive the approval letter if you apply on weekend?

Estimated Delivery Time on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Apply before 10:00 AM Vietnam time: You will receive the approval letter by 12:30 PM same day
  • Apply before 15:00 PM Vietnam time: You will receive the approval letter by 18:00 PM same day

Current time in Vietnam: To check the current time in Vietnam now, please click here!

20-May-2018: 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa For US Passport Holders

We are glad to inform that the 1 year visa multiple entry is now available on our website for customers holding US passports. Please bear the following rules:

- Our 1 year visa service is available for both tourism and business purposes only

- The stamping fee at Vietnam airport for 1 year multiple entry visa is 135 USD per person

- The maximum stay for each visit is 3 months. Once the 3 month period ends, you can exit and re-enter using the same visa.

Posted Jun. 01, 2019 08:28