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Asked by Valerie | Oct. 29, 2018 19:32 About: Visa on arrival

I am a US citizen who will be flying from Singapore to Danang on  Jetstar.  We first stop in Ho Chi Minh City and then board another  connection on to Danang.

Should I get my VOA in Ho Chi Minh or Danang?  Thank you.

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Answered by Phuong Nguyen | Sep. 20, 2018 15:00

Dear Valerie

Thank you for your email.

In this case, you will need to get your visa stamped at Ho Chi Minh  airport before you fly to Danang, however the procedure at airport may  take 1-2 hours. Therefore, please be advised that you obtain your visa  beforehand, so you can save much time at airport.

Best regards,

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