How to apply for a Vietnam visa in Solomon Islands

Available Visas Visa Requirements Visa Information Get This Visa
Business Visa required For business travelers holding Solomon Islander passports who visit Vietnam for signing contacts, attending conferences or other business activities. Get it as soon as 18:00 - June 14, 2023
Tourist Visa required For Solomon Islander passport holders who visit Vietnam for tourism purposes. Get it as soon as 10:00 - June 12, 2023
Work Visa required For Solomon Islander nationals who intend to work in Vietnam.
Student Visa required For students from Solomon Islands who plan to study in Vietnam.

Embassies and Consulates of Vietnam in Solomon Islands

There is no embassy of Vietnam in Honiara, Solomon Islands at the moment.
Please find the information below for the nearest embassy of Vietnam.

Nearest Embassy
Embassy of Vietnam in Sydney, Australia
(It is a 2860.3 km distance from Honiara with 4 hours, 46 minutes flight)
205/203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027, Australia

+61 02 9327 1912 or +61 02 9327 2539
To call the embassy from Solomon Islands, please dial +61

Office hours
Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 12:30 and 13:30 - 16:00 (Close now)

Time Right Now
Honiara: 12:12 PM, Saturday 10 June 2023
Sydney: 11:12 AM, Saturday 10 June 2023
Time Difference: None

Embassy of Vietnam in Sydney, Australia

How to apply

Solomon Islander passport holders or foreign passports living in Solomon Islands can choose between 02 available methods below to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

Apply at the embassy

To apply for a visa at the embassy/consulate of Vietnam in Solomon Islands, the following documents are required:

  • Valid passport for at least 06 months prior to your planned entry date (Travel documents or temporary passports may not be accepted)
  • Application form (Click here to download)
  • 02 recently taken passport sized photos (4*6cm)
  • Visa application fees

Apply for visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is an alternative way to obtain a visa for Vietnam for applicants who plan to arrive Vietnam by air from Solomon Islands. The process involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Submit an online form for the approval letter.
  2. Receive the approval letter by Email in 2 working days.
  3. Prepare photos, entry/exit form, stamping fee and the approval letter
  4. Arrive at Vietnam airport, present all documents above to get the visa stamped on passport.


Visa on arrival price (Price quoted in SBD)

Visa Type 3 Working Days 1 Working Day
1 Month Single Entry (Tourist) 97.8 SBD 195.6 SBD
1 Month Multiple Entry (Tourist) 114.1 SBD 212.0 SBD
3 Month Single Entry (Tourist) 163.0 SBD 260.9 SBD
3 Month Multiple Entry (Tourist) 203.8 SBD 301.6 SBD
1 Month Single Entry (Business) 733.7 SBD 888.6 SBD
1 Month Multiple Entry (Business) 774.4 SBD 929.3 SBD
3 Month Single Entry (Business) 896.7 SBD 1133.1 SBD
3 Month Multiple Entry (Business) 1019.0 SBD 1255.4 SBD

*Above price does NOT include stamping fee at Vietnam airport which is 25 USD for single entry (1 month/3 month) and 50 USD multiple entry (1 month/3 month). The price is quoted in Dollar, click here to see our latest price in USD.

2023 Public Holiday Schedules in Solomon Islands

To observe the public holidays of Vietnam and Solomon Islands, the embassy/consulate offices may close on the following holidays of 2023.

Holidays Date Day Counting down
Queen's Birthday 12 June 2023Monday1 days, 15 hours
June Solstice 22 June 2023Thursday11 days, 15 hours
Eid ul Adha 29 June 2023Thursday18 days, 15 hours
Hari Raya Haji 29 June 2023Thursday18 days, 15 hours
First Day of NAIDOC Week 02 July 2023Sunday21 days, 15 hours
Muharram/Islamic New Year 19 July 2023Wednesday38 days
Tisha B'Av 27 July 2023Thursday46 days
New South Wales Bank Holiday 07 August 2023Monday57 days
Northern Territory Picnic Day 07 August 2023Monday57 days
Assumption of Mary 15 August 2023Tuesday65 days

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